Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin‘

Summertime – it’s hot during days and warm during nights. People want to be outdoors, lying in the sun, jumping into a lake, some even playing sports. One of my favourite spots in summertime is my little colourful bathtub in our garden. We call it our „Hippie Spa“.

Badewanne, Leipzig, Hippie Spa, Zeitung, Junge Welt, Kleingarten

Weekly Photo Challenge


5 Gedanken zu “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin‘

  1. in meiner Badewanne bin ich Kapitän – ach das ist schön, als Kapitän…hatten Sie doch alle recht…
    schöne Bugwelle wünsche ich… 😉 *g*

  2. Hippie Spa! 😀 Do you actually fill it with water when you relax in it? Good to see the bathtub is placed in a shady spot. You don’t want to be sitting in it for a while and then found out you get sunburn 😀

    • Yeah, sure I do. I fill it with cold water, cover it up and hope it will warm up a bit. Very refreshing, takes me about half an hour each time to enter though. But it is lovely with all the birds, bees and butterflies flapping by.

      • Ah, takes a while for you to set up your spa. But I bet it’s worth it when the temperature finally feels right. Then you can put your feet up and make friends with the birds and other bugs around you, or read a book. A relaxing summer 🙂

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